Bitcoin is easier to use than the current banking system

1M Ago
I know there’s adoption hurdles since regular people don’t want an immutable transaction or may need customer service, but I’m increasingly convinced of Bitcoin’s real world viability when trying to send an international wire transfer. My family is going to a destination wedding in the E.U. and the hotel is really strange asking for a wire transfer and won’t give us an option to use a credit card or something more conventional. However, the bank is having a hard time and I don’t know what to tell them other than, “this is the information and instructions they gave me.” Yet with Bitcoin all they would have to do is send me an address or QR code, and I could send a test transaction, full transaction, and likely have this done in a few minutes. AND it would be cheaper than sending an international wire (I’m from the US). Hopefully these kinds of hassles will help people realize Bitcoin is far easier, and time/cost efficient. Edit: People keep mentioning that it's odd a hotel would require a wire transfer. It is. I've resolved the issue with them to pay a more conventional way. The point is that this situation illustrates how sending (and undoing once settled) a wire transfer is just as difficult, if not more so, than using Bitcoin.