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Bitcoin Is Designed to Be Saved, U.S. Dollar to Be Spent

Bitcoin is a savings technology that gives you the power

In fact, Bitcoin is a savings technology. A formidable store of value whose superiority over gold is slowly beginning to appear to more and more people.

When you decide to enter the Bitcoin world, you can make the choice to save without risk, since you are guaranteed that 1 BTC of 2020 will always be equal to 1 BTC of 2100.

With the U.S. dollar, you have the opposite guarantee as I showed you earlier.

Even better, Bitcoin allows you to become your own bank. As long as you take responsibility for the security of what you own, Bitcoin will give you total control over your wealth.

You don’t need any permission on the Bitcoin network to make a transaction. You can send money to a friend on the other side of the world without risking your bank asking you intrusive questions about why you are sending money.

These are your Bitcoins, you can do whatever you want with them as long as you have the associated private keys. It’s not for nothing that Bitcoin remains the best solution for making cross border money transfers in terms of security, speed, and transfer fees.

Finally, Bitcoin allows you to resist any kind of censorship since no one can confiscate your Bitcoins. This allows you to save money with peace of mind.

Your Bitcoins are yours and yours alone as long as you have the associated private keys.

For people living in authoritarian regimes, Bitcoin is vital because it is their best chance to protect their wealth. First of all from the hyperinflation that is ravaging countries such as Iran, Venezuela, Lebanon and Zimbabwe.

Secondly, if people living in a country like Afghanistan are forced to leave their country because they are threatened, they will be able to transport their wealth to their host country without any worries. With fiat money, or even worse gold, it is very likely that these people will no longer have their assets when they arrive in their...

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