Bitcoin is already better than gold and wire transfers. Why not to push the narrative on this fact to start?


We all know Bitcoin is way more than gold 2.0, but basing on the current state of the art (high fees and verification waiting time), the network is not (yet) capable of fully substitute FIAT as a time/cost efficent medium of exchange.

That said, BTC can already outperform metals as a store of value and the FIAT system as a medium of exchange for large amounts. With an average cost of 1,80$ per fee and a 10mins average for payment delivery, the Bitcoin Network can fully replace conventianal investment assets like gold and silver with nothing but advantages, and also be a more reliable and efficent way to send large quantities of money wherever/whenever/to whoever needed, as opposed to the traditional banking system.

So why is people so reluctant, at least this is my impression, to promote Bitcoin as a substitute for gold or wire transfers? High volatility is obviously something one doesn't want to deal with when talking about saving purchasing power, but after all this is "just" a matter of adoption.

If the ecosystem was more eterogenous and wide, whales wouldn't be able to have such an impact on fluctuations as they have now. This is exactly why metals prices are more stable than BTC.

I've always thought that the main problem of the Bitcoin industry is the lack of a coordinated (not centralized) marketing and promotion net, with the ambition of tackling on/debunking the mainstream narrative. What we have achieved until now is just an annuity life on the undeniable disrupting features of this technology, a passive approach. I'd like to see more "aggressiveness" for those about presence on media, sponsorships and promotion. Something professionally managed.

We, the Bitcoiners, need to talk to people in a different way, addressing more tangible facts already observable, rather than the future prospects inherent to Bitcoin mass adoption.

Not saying YOU should do it, I'm saying the Bitcoin Organization, for example, should.