Bitcoin Giveaway!

self.Bitcoin1m ago
Hey everyone! feeling a bit generous today. I am giving away **100,000** sats! please post your lightning address below and I will send **1000** sats. **\*\*NOTE: This is on a first-come first-served basis once I run out there will be no more donations!\*\*** ​ **Edit:** *This is taking forever, I will now be upping the value to 5,000 sats per person. If you have already received 1,000 sats. Don't worry there will be another round of this in the future. Thanks for everyone's understanding!* ​ *Current sats left: 80,000 sats* ​ ***Final Edit:*** # NO MORE BITCOIN LEFT!!! Thank you all for your patience and kind words, enjoy! [🎉]( ​ **SENDING TO LIGHTNING ADDRESSES ONLY!** ***RULES:*** You must have been a user for at least a week to receive sats (to prevent double-dippers) ​ ***Why am I doing this?*** I am giving away sats simply because I would like to spread the wealth of btc and get people excited about using the bitcoin/lightning network as a whole as well as a means of exchange. The more people that get inspired the better it is for bitcoin!