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Bitcoin Core review club - educational discussion of specific pull requests, run by John Newbery. All welcome to join (next review: tomorrow, 14th August)

We'll host a series of weekly review clubs on the #bitcoin-core-pr-reviews Freenode IRC channel at 17:00 UTC on Wednesdays. All are welcome to join and ask questions!

Reviewing and testing PRs is the best way to start contributing to Bitcoin Core, but it's difficult to know where to start. There are hundreds of open PRs, many require a lot of contextual knowledge, and contributors and reviewers often use unfamiliar terminology. This weekly IRC club is for people who want to help review Bitcoin Core PRs but find the process intimidating. Everyone is welcome to speak and questions are encouraged!

The point of the review club is to give participants the tools and knowledge they need to take part in the Bitcoin Core review process on github. Inclusion of a PR in the review club is not an endorsement of the concept, approach or implementation in the PR!

Upcoming meetings 28 Aug 2019 » #15759 Add 2 outbound blocks-only connections (p2p)

We're always looking for interesting PRs to discuss in review club and for volunteer hosts to lead the discussion. To suggest a PR or to offer to host a meeting, please leave a comment on this github issue.

Previous meetings 03 Jul 2019 » #15443 Add getdescriptorinfo functional test (tests) 12 Jun 2019 » #15996 Deprecat...
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