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BITCOIN closet, shrine, and home heating combo

​ [SteamPunk Bitcoin Closet Version 2]( Input: AntMiner S19, 240V, 40 Terahertz Accessories: 2 LN nodes (CASA + Raspblitz), TOR enabled, Autopilot enabled Noise suppression and Fire retardant materials: MLV + insulation Heating: 8" Blower Fan for cooling, output @ 35 deg C Operating Cost: (With solar panels + net metering) : \~ $10 per month Filter: 14" MERV 13 Earnings: 1 million Sat's every 2 weeks DISCLAIMER: there is no bitcoin wallet balances higher than 50000 Sat's in the LN nodes Shrine Items: rocket, moon, space men, proof-of-work steam generator, and one tall green candle If this helps adoption, or just gives you a little smile, you've made my day. Thank you Redditors .
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Bitcoin Lightning Torch 2.0 On The Move

This week, the Lightning community decided it was time to resurrect the Lightning Torch 2.0 for another go at showcasing the awesomeness of the LN.
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The only Instagram filter we need

Today I made an Instagram AR filter using Spark AR Studio. Pretty cool tool. Waiting on the filter to get approved, but here’s a test I made. I’m so happy I’m not a shitcoin. 😂Ps. Obviously would’ve ...
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Cashless Businesses Banned In NYC

New York City's restaurants and other retail establishments will no longer be allowed to reject cash payments under legislation passed by the City Council.