Bitcoin as a stress-reduced investment strategy


Hi everybody,

I am looking for some nuanced takes on my thought process here. I´ve been in crypto for a few years now. In the bullrun of 2021 I started dabbling a little bit in altcoins, winning some and losing some. But the more I dabbled in altcoins, the less focused and more time-consuming my investment strategy become.

Most of my gains came from buying a couple of Bitcoin in 2019 and forgetting about it, but after dabbling in altcoins I started staring paralysed at charts all day. What are all these acronyms? Result; about the same gains as I would have had just holding BTC and touching grass. Others in my trading group have much better success.

I dont have a problem with altcoins necessarily, except I dont understand them and they fill me with this sense of greed and inadequateness. Most of them are vaporware sure, but as a short term trade I see potential in increasing my Bitcoin stack.

Its just ... they seem to drag me into this downwards carousel of greed and obsession. Taking time away from business and family, tempting me into emotional decisions. I feel I understand Bitcoin - digital gold, money, hedge against shit-hits-the-fan. Maybe thats why Bitcoin dont trigger the same greedy obsession in me.

TLDR; anybody went Bitcoin only not mainly because of ideological reasons, but because of easier investment strategies? What was your reasoning, and did you stick to it? What has your results been?

Sorry if I phrase things strange, english is not my main language.