Bitcoin and Time


If we assume that Bitcoin still exists in 100 years, then we can say that a transaction sent today, thanks to immutability, will still be there in 100 years, exactly as it was when it was sent. This allows you to communicate one-way with someone in the future.

Ok, this is useless. Can I also do it with something else? But no. Because I am creating something that exists, at the same time, both in the present and in the future and is always in the same unchanged state. at the same time.

I also have another observation. Bitcoin (indeed, rather the functioning of the blockchain and the proof of work) reminds me a lot of how "time" works, perhaps a scientist would kill me right now but... Genesis block (can be seen as the big bang (or whoever) ), after which it slows down more and more, more and more but never really stopping, it's just slower! and it goes on thanks to the miners, i.e. those who confirm that the transactions are valid. they occupy space and memory, increasingly. Or, just we can see transactions as any event in space that we, the miners confirm the existence of those events in space and somehow keep time alive, make it exist. Maybe I expressed myself badly but, okay, I wanted to express my thoughts!