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BitBox update: unified Bitcoin accounts and Electrum support

BitBox 07.2020 Lidernen update BitBoxApp 4.20.0 with BitBox02 firmware 9.0.0

Download our latest update from to get all new features and improvements.

Lidernen, what?

As a Swiss company, we live the traditional values of self-reliance and independence. We love the outdoors, especially hiking in the beautiful Alps. So we’re going to give each of our updates the name of a mountain hut of the Swiss Alpine Club we personally like.

We start off with the Lidernenhütte, located in the heart of Switzerland at 1727 meters a.s.l. in the little-known Riemenstaldner valley. It is easy to reach and great for climbing, hiking and ski mountaineering.

So, this is the Lidernen update. Let’s dive into the features.

Unified accounts

Minimalism is one of our core values. In our quest to make Bitcoin easy to use, the technicalities of different Bitcoin script types and address formats always bugged us. Having to deal with terms like legacy, wrapped or backwards-compatible Segwit, or native bech32 Segwit is not fun. And why should you have to learn all of that?

With unified accounts, you no longer need to care about all these technicalities.

Receive Bitcoin in a unified account

This update combines all supported Bitcoin address and script types into one:

Your Bitcoin account now automatically includes all supported script types. So you’ll no longer need to care about all the underlying technicalities. Simply use it. You no longer need to use a separate “legacy” account just because some services don’t yet support newer address formats. The BitBoxApp gives you an all-in-one solution. You’ll always use the most efficient address format (currently bech32), with the option to use an older format if the sender does not support it yet.

The unified accounts feature makes using and securing Bitcoin simpler. Hopefully it also allows people who are not familiar with all the engineery talk to feel more at home. Continue on

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