Binance will collapse, It’s only matter of time.


People are not realizing Binance obvious behavior! Binance is now flaunting fake Audit screenshots and even said today they will create fund for projects struggling with liquidity? Stop, this what scammer do, to hide their own fraud. It’s like when a murder who helps search for a person they killed? They do it, to make sure they don’t get caught.

Worse part? Binance cancelled buying FTX due to a possible federal investigation with FTX - Binance has something to hide. Fact they where willing to entertain the offer knowing FTX was doing shady activity and needed funds, shows they wanted to cover the possible fallout together.

If Binance had nothing to hide? They would have saved FTX and been crowned the hero and foundation of the cryptocurrency leadership. It would have been there opportunity to say hey, this all the wrong ways FTX ran their business. We believe with better regulation and leadership from Binance, customer can have more trust in cryptocurrency. They would have gained customers, more assets and been leadership of exchange. They could exposed Sam’s wrong doing and never been liable anyways. Federal government would have sought them out as being harrow, foundation on doing the right thing.

But no, they ran! The moment they found out the feds were investigating FTX and leaks started, the deal was cancelled. They didn’t want to be subject to combined audit with FTX, not only did they run, they let the entire crypto market lose trust in all crypto. Now, on Friday, they sent an email to all customers. Explaining many reasons, we should all trust them with our reserves. Personally, if I have nothing to hide? I don’t need to email my clients to explaining myself because another exchange collapse?

Coinbase? They could give a two fuc*s what happened to FTX, they didn’t feel they need to prove anything.

Now, they are acting like the good guys? When one gets caught trying cover each other dirty work, the other siblings says, will I didn’t do anything wrong - It was all him. Look at the stuff I am are doing right.

Want to test Binance reserve? Withdraw your funds for 21 days and see the truth unfold. At the end of the day, Binance doesn’t even have HQ address? Think about that, what are you hidding. I wouldn’t send my money to company that doesn’t an address? Put them to the test and vote up!