Big move for small business, what is better option for valuation?

18D Ago
I have a small photography business in EU and already using BTC for payments for 5 years. Used BTC as investment successfully (still not without regrets of early sell) before. I will be expanding my bookings to accept BTC and try to use it as preferred option. So the question... Imagine you would be a target customer for art related stuff, services etc which often need a long decision time / planing. Either because it is for you large expense, or because lot of planing needs to be done (example, people need to book a holiday to visit me for a photoshoot). What is better, keep fixed BTC price or fixed fiat value? Would you be more concerned about BTC value "daily" updates or fiat value daily fluctuation? At this moment i have all my prices based on fiat (updating on 24h average), but since i now can buy most things for BTC i do not really need to care anymore, especially when it is only +/-20%.