Beware of gemini

3D Ago
Gemini froze my account and money, asked me documents which I sent and then they gosted me, its been a month, just no reply, I've been writing on they reddit and tweitter and they will reply with what's your ticket nr and this was escalated and that's it. Don't take my word for it, go on their sub reddit and see how many complaints and there are more but they delete, I think they may go under, now I see the twin dudes doing an AMA trying wash their image, and it annoys me as hell Edit: I was to pissed up to give any details, yeah gemini worked fine for a few months, so fine that i got confidence to deposit more money to buy btc since price was down and when to withdraw the coins got security hold, didn't do nothing different, maybe crossed some of their internal limit. All I say, if you plan check first their reddit mega support threads and see how many complain of same issue and being ghosted, at some point people even wanted to go to NY office, on my end, I made gov complaints and will wait for those.