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better options than coinbase for buying bitcoin ?.

So I wanted to buy bitcoin during this last drop. And Coinbase decided to freeze my deposit until I provide them with more ID pictures and even a selfie holding up a piece of paper. They didn't send any notification that the deposit was frozen. I was only informed when I contacted them. They have blocked it for 6 days now even though I told them to return it 3 days ago. I feel like they are keeping my money hostage until I meet their demands. It really sucks as I want to buy bitcoin for the last 6 days, but they are stopping me from doing so, I can't even buy it somewhere else because they are holding my deposit against my wishes. I have already provided them with ID before and bought with no problem up until now. They pull this ridiculous surprise action and take away my ability to use my money. I don't intend to send them selfies. I'm looking to other/better options for buying bitcoin. So what are better more reliable options to buy bitcoin ?. that doesn't pull these kinds of blackmail.
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