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Best way to purchase bulk bitcoin without ever being identified?

Hi, I know this question comes up frequently so if there is another thread I could be pointed to that'd be great. I currently am in possession of a large amount of liquidity. This liquidity is held in USD at a bank. Currently I wish to convert this liquidity to Bitcoin and I want to store it in an address nobody but me and the seller knows about. I would like to purchase bitcoin such that even if 50 years were to pass, nobody could ever tie my identity to this address. I am looking for suggestions on how to do this. The only three options that I have considered are as follow: 1. Withdraw liquidity from bank and store it into 100 USD bills. Trade bills with local craigslist sellers to Bitcoin. 2. Withdraw liquidity from bank and transfer into CashApp. Conduct trades with local Bitcoin meetups selling Bitcoin. 3. Transfer liquidity from bank to localbitcoins exchange users. Hope that the seller is honest in transaction. Thank you
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