Best way to prove sats giveaways are legit?


Hi Everyone! My partner and I are building an crypto education platform made exclusively for new comers to the crypto asset class. We believe crypto adoption will only happen through education so new comers can avoid many of the pitfalls of cryptos.

For people who have been in this space for a long time it’s easy to forget how complicated the early days can be. Whether to buy your fist coin, do your first transfer or setup a wallet.

As gaining traction on social medias (Twitter, Damus & LinkedIn) is very difficult at the beginning, we are organizing 10,000 sats giveaways to our early followers. First two giveaways when we reach 100 followers on Damus and Twitter respectively.

My question is what is the best way to prove a sats transfer is legitimately done to one of our follower? We can of course post the details of the transaction but considering BTC address change at each transfer how would we be able to prove it was from us to one of our followers? We will use a MUUN wallet if that matters.

Thank you for your help, we are also still and always learning!