Best Practices For Serious Bitcoin HODLR


Hi Team,

I have questions on the best overall practices for participating and investing long term in BTC.

Background: My Sats live in a wallet - Silver Status only. I plan on upgrading once I feel as thought I've crossed minnow territory, assuming this is a preferred/recommended service.

Before I buy, let's say $25K more BTC, I want to make sure I am doing it the right way.

What is the recommended "life cycle" or "protocol" for 1.) Buying (Using Strike currently) 2.) Storing ( currently) 3.) Eventually, maybe, selling? (Coinbase? IDK)

I hope my post makes sense. Basically, I want to be confident in my BTC custody and the moves I make. I love BTC and want to continue to turn my fiat into BTC. I am addicted to stacking SATS, but I want to do it like a pro.

I would love some guidance from the community.

Much love.