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Before the Next Bitcoin Bull Market, Remember These 6 Essential Things

[**I had written this in an article during the month of April 2020**](, but I think it is more essential than ever with the period we are currently going through: **1. Bitcoin is an extremely volatile market** Bitcoin's volatility is a feature, not a bug. You can make it your best ally, or your worst enemy. It all depends on the strategy you choose to adopt. By choosing to become a HODLer, you can make Bitcoin price volatility your greatest ally. As a reminder, with the current price of Bitcoin, HODLing Bitcoin has been a profitable strategy 99% of the time. **2. You can lose all your money by buying Bitcoin** Again, the secret is to be a Bitcoin HODLer. Trading requires specific skills that few people possess. If you are not one of the few people who have these skills, don't make the mistake of trading. Follow the best strategy possible with Bitcoin: Buy in DCA mode, Send on a hardware wallet, HODL, and iterate. **3. Only buy Bitcoin with money you can afford to lose** It's common sense as always. **4. Beware of FOMO and FUD feelings** Don't let your emotions take over in your choices. With the sharp rise in the Bitcoin price expected in the coming months, the hardest part is about to begin. You'll have to resist the urge that may arise to sell your Bitcoins in a hurry. If you sell your Bitcoins, you will end up regretting it sooner or later. Continue to be a Bitcoin HODLER. **5. Do your own research before buying Bitcoin** If you want to be a Bitcoin HODLER, you have to be convinced by the Bitcoin revolution. If you don't, you will end up losing a lot of money, because your lack of confidence will push you to make bad choices. Constantly deepen your knowledge. **6. Set reasonable time slots to buy or sell Bitcoin** Some people decide to trade anyway. They always try to be at the maximum of a top to sell and at the minimum of a bottom to buy. This pushes them to spend their ...
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