Become a hacktivist and earn BTC


We are happy to announce the re-launch of C-Leak game, but this time we are bringing real crypto currency as a reward for those clever enough to find them. There is more than $1,000 (at time of writing) in hidden Bitcoin wallets within the game.

For those not familiar with it, this is a web-browser game about cracking files leaked by a fictious hacktivist group called C-Leak. Those files are left available in a remotely accessible Terminal. Your goal is to discover their passwords and decrypt those files and by doing so, you may endup earning some real Bitcoins.

The password discovering method varies from file to file. It can be solving riddles, puzzles, mathematical problems, lateral thinking; or image, videos, sound and other file data manipulation; or external accessible content; etc.

Every decrypted file reveals compromising data about unethical companies, people, and governments. Combining those sensitive info forms a narrative about that fraudulent entity, and with that you can understand more about their hidden truth (some are really mind-blowing).

The re-launch is happening very soon, this Friday at around 6pm UTC Jan, 13.