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1M Ago
Everybody loves a good first! First four-minute mile, first man on the moon, first coffee of the morning... For me, it's all about Bitcoin firsts. On August 6 2022, Oxford City FC became the [first football club to accept Bitcoin]( in the National League. Although the opening match was a modest affair, with fewer than 1,000 fans in attendance (and although the team lost 3-1), I felt like I was witnessing history being made! Over to you! What is your Bitcoin first? It can be a dream or something that has already happened. If you'd like to see a business near you become the first coffee shop/pub/butchers/bakers/candlestick makers to accept Bitcoin in your village/town/city/country - I might even be able to help out (Businesses can register - [here]( All the best, MSW - Business Development at [CoinCorner]( \- a great place to [buy Bitcoin](