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BBC Illustrates Quantitative Easing for the Sheeple after latest BOE QE Pledge

The six stages of QE from central bank money creation through to the boosting of the economy. Yay! []( I think they missed the bit about repayment or the de-basement of the currency? Or what percentage of UK GDP the £745bn 2020 QE target represents. ​ I feel I should edit this post because the BBC does link to another page called "what is quantitative easing and how will it affect you" And in the interest of impartiality I list the good (source for this is quoted as "most sources") consequences and the complicated consequences: "Most research suggests that QE helped to keep economic growth stronger, wages higher, and unemployment lower than they would otherwise have been. However, QE does have some complicated consequences. As well as bonds, it increases the prices of things like shares and property. This tends to benefit wealthier members of society who already own these things, [**as the Bank itself concluded in 2012**]( Meanwhile, younger people found it harder to buy their first homes and build up savings."
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