Banking crisis the best thing to ever happen for Bitcoin?


So some say the current baking crisis is just beginning and others suggest first republic will be the last to fall. A lot of the short term bonds that reach maturity over the next 60 days are the main source of regional banking’s unrealized losses. If the fed decides to raise rates this Wednesday (which is almost a certainty), this would only put more pressure on struggling banks. Who knows if we will see more failures but if we do, it could be a significant shift in Bitcoins public opinion.

As many of us know, one of the reasons Bitcoin was created is to offer an alternative option to the corrupt, unsound, centralized, debt driven modern day banking system. If a chain reaction of bank failures pushes mass adoption of Bitcoin, only to be followed by government bailouts and further devaluation of the dollar, we may be in one of the most exciting times for Bitcoin.

What do you guys see happening over the next two months?