Bank account freeze. Need advice.


Hello, on 24th I sold 2485.96 USDT equivalent to INR 229999.16 in Binance exchange to a counterparty named Aman_Faset_Trader. And on 25th I found out that the buyer has raised a chargeback. Because he raised a chargeback the amount got held, and the bank didn't even confirm with me before the hold. So, I raised a complaint with the bank and they told me that the counter party filed an FIR.... What??? But why? So till now I have raised a complaint with Rbi ombudsman, reported to it cyber crime portal.

What to do? I'm completely lost, I'm scared I'm tensed man.

Please suggest me. If anyone experienced on this field kindly dm me if possible.

And I'm in touch with binance but no help so far. They're investigating it and also they put the scammer acc on hold but unfortunately he withdrew most of his funds.

Thank you in advance for your help.