AVOID bitstarz.com online casino is one HUGE SCAM

11D Ago
They doing free spins x40 wage for new accounts so I decided to give it a try, after a looong while, luckily I won a lot and was able to cash out. So I requested maximum available amount (only $100 but still) and went back to keep playing those slots when waiting for my money. after 5 minutes I got a strange notification that my session timed out (never happend before cash out) and when I refreshed suddenly my balance was 0 even tho I still had some money on it after requesting withdraw. So I went to check what happend with the request and it was cancelled. Tried to contact "customer service" (yeah right) but I was somehow caught in a loophole where I couldn't do anything on the site. Except depositing money of course! So I was unable to contact them at all. They probably just banned me right away after seeing they have to withdraw money. I got all the screenshots I could at that point, since I wasn't expecting this at all. How stupid I am. Luckily for me I have not lost any money as I did not deposit, it was a free win. But I lost a lot of time trying to win. And Im sure there's lots of people who deposit money there and probably lost lots already. So my advice is AVOID THIS SCAM at all cost. Here are the screenshots https://ibb.co/GWm5Hr6 https://ibb.co/tPrLzdT https://ibb.co/CwFjFK2 https://ibb.co/8PVz9BX https://ibb.co/3YCJq5B