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At peace with whatever happens

Me and my son started mining in 2013... The butterfly labs systems would heat the entire home up north for every month except January... Still have memories of the constant humming noise... I sold almost everything in 2018 at the bottom due to cancer treatment... Looking forward there is still so much hope. The buzz for the next havening should start around early 2022... The stockpiling is inevitable for what should be a battle for the remaining coins... There will be no second chances at this stage. Nobody will want to part with this rare commodity. So if some unexpected regulations come along there is comfort knowing that this community is battle tested and will not simply roll over for the next so called crisis... We are large enough and strong enough to maintain BTC's value on our own... No worries about the mood swings of wallstreet or political Fuddsters.... Life is good for us believers... Onwards and upwards for the steady hands... Peace and prosperity brothers and sisters... for a better Future!
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