Ask EVERY vendor "Do you accept bitcoin?"

25D Ago
I think one of the best things we can do is to simply keep asking merchants and vendors everywhere you go if they accept bitcoin and try to explain simply to the ones curious to ask but don't over do it. If enough people are coming in and asking they'll get curious or will start accepting it. Ive gotten a few vendors to start taking bitcoin by just asking. Less success when your just talking to a worker as the ones ive engaged were owners / managers and they're responses have also been "your the first person to tell me about this" , leading me to make this post. JUST KEEP ASKING tips: 1. Luckily a lot of places use Square and they have links/posts in their PoS (point of sale) system that helps them integrate bitcoin, direct them to explore that. 2. Another quick talking point is on the bitcoin payment rails they wont be charged fees for every credit card swipe and they can receive U.S dollars or Bitcoin its their choice and still avoid the fees. 3. No harm in simply integrating it and accepting it aswell as regular payment systems because tip#2