As someone coming from a Political Science/History background, Bitcoin’s takeover of humanity is inevitable


The wheels of history have been set in motion the past few years, and there is absolutely no hope of turning back. People are going to need to adapt to Bitcoin or starve to death. Or get drafted to die for whatever global war their country’s international alliance is involved in.

Governments are printing infinite trillions of peasant tokens while their citizens starve and WWIII escalates. Do people really think this is sustainable? The only people loyal to the current system are privileged boomers, the financial industry, those too dumb to understand computers or the decimal system. The people opposed to the system are now smarter and stronger than the ones running it.

Bitcoin is compatible with all political ideologies, especially the extremist ones capable of violence. The concept of being motivated by need rather than greed is central to most religions. This all combines to critical moment for humanity, like the printing press or French Revolution.

It’s almost as if society is being deliberately pushed toward its breaking point by forces greater than any Government or Central Bank. Perhaps an elusive Japanese gentleman is smirking somewhere knowing what is about to unfold.

Reading this subreddit, it sounds like you all know this anyway, so it doesn’t matter. But more normies are catching on, prepare yourselves.