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Are there any functional BTC plugins for WooCommerce that don't use 3rd party vendors?

I expected this to be more popular in the community, but the only free plugin I found was [this one by gesman]( which hasn't seen an update in years and is broken in some vital ways. [CryptoWoo]( looks like the next best option, but both the plugin and the add-on to allow use of a HD wallet are proprietary. The remaining plugins have you use the merchant's API which will typically add fees around ~1%, which doesn't sound like much, but seems unreasonable to me given that all you're doing is using a public key and scanning the blockchain for payment confirmation. I'm in the process of fixing the older plugins for BTC and BCH, but I'm a bit surprised that there seems to be so little community activity around this. I thought with WooCommerce being very popular and CC merchant accounts being mostly annoying, crypto payments would be a pretty welcome alternative, especially given that wallets are pretty easy to set up and maintain.
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Bad Actor Alert - shitCoinbase hires Hacking Team

On the off-chance that you really are fucking oblivious @brian_armstrong, here is a history lesson on work of the person you just acquired:"Mapping Hacking Team’s “Untraceable” Spyware"
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Tippin extension buckles under the pressure

Stop #intermediation @tippin_me @jack Promote free and open source practices to avoid the risks of closed, proprietary and custodial behaviour. #NotYourKeysNotYourBitcoin— B...