Are people too dumb or lazy to adopt bitcoin?

1M Ago
People often come to me and ask about bitcoin - most often they want me to take their money and make them a millionaire. When they find out I would rather they learned what bitcoin is and why it exists, before getting them to DCA into bitcoin, they switch off and lose interest. When I say go read the whitepaper and come back and ask me any questions you have - they say ok - weeks later I ask how they got on and they give me some excuse as to why they couldn't read a 9 page paper. Fine - I'll hold your hand through DCA so you can accumulate it weekly.Some time goes by and they tell me - I sold my bitcoin for \[insert meme coin\] - Even though I told them not to do that. I have successfully orange pilled no less than a dozen people - but I encounter many more people that are unwilling to even try and learn. The adoption growth / S curve is slowing - although it's still very early and bear market exodus of retail will likely be contributing to this. I know people don't need to understand the intricacies - most don't understand how internet or email works - they just need to use it. Bitcoin is inevitable - humans I am not so sure of. Thoughts?