Are Maxis 100% Certain They're Right? How to shake 'BTC doubt'?


This post might get dismissed for incoherent ramblings.

I don't know if I'm naturally still a BTC skeptic. I want to move towards being a maxi. I already refer to myself as a maxi but I don't know if I'm telling the complete truth. Are maximalists 100% certain that stacking Bitcoin is an intelligent decision now, or is 99% enough to qualify?

I've read a large plethora of resources on btc. I'm still not set on BTC in relation to the human condition. For instance, the general rejection of the unkown by most people, and how easily public opinion is swayed by the powerful in media and our kleptocratic, plutocratic governments.

Personally, whilst I was in the process of internalising 'not your keys, not your coins' last year, I got stung in Celsius collapse. I had just withdrawn all of my BTC before the collapse (thankfully) but a couple of shitcoins got stuck. If and when I get anything back, I'll liquidate instantly and buy more btc. All of my holdings are in cold storage now.

But I keep stacking sats, and the doubt is still there, what if this is all for nothing. From a personal investment standpoint as a young person, my brain wants to just DCA into tried-and-tested index funds, not btc, as much as I would love societal BTC adoption to continue on an uptrend.

I wonder if this sort of illogical fear is due to my negative experience with Celsius (I know, shameful, idiotic, disgusting, I hate myself for it). But, also I can never seem to eradicate the doubt, so that leads me to thinking I have some sort of subconscious illogical trauma from Celsius which is preventing me from becoming more comfortable with Bitcoin again, despite the two concepts being entirely unrelated.