Anyone here have thoughts on the WEF discussing crypto regulations Tuesday?


The WEF will be discussing crypto in Davos on Tuesday[1]. Although I don't think this will have any immediate impact on crypto, I think this will really be significant for seeing the trajectory over the next few years. The WEF consists of "2,500 heads of state and government, business CEOs, civil society representatives, global media and youth leaders from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and North America to work together to rebuild trust and shape the principles, policies and partnerships needed to meet the challenges of 2023" [2]. I personally believe that all of these people will have a relatively unified opinion on crypto, and the guy running the WEF is Klaus Schwab so it HAS to give some insight into how banks will be handling crypto in the future.



PS: Is this more evidence that a singular completely untraceable guy did not create something that could override the entire financial system completely by himself, and it's actually some government agency that owns a million bitcoin?