Anyone have a personal experience in El Salvador where BTC remittance replaced WU?


I believe the typical scenario is a younger person sending money to a mother or grandmother via Western Union. If the grandmother has been using WU for a long time, it seems there would be two different friction points. Firstly, they may actually enjoy visiting the WU office with perhaps her friends via bus -- an outing, even though now the cost of the bus trip must be added to the WU fees.

Secondly, the grandmother is used to cash and may be unfamiliar with smart phones let alone crypto.

On the other hand, the savings using BTC may have a very significant effect on lifestyle and one grandmother in a village using BTC who suddenly has money left over at the end of the month may have a big effect on her friends and may cause a "mass conversion."

I also wonder how the remitter in for example the United States is able to convert the money into BTC with low-enough fees to justify using BTC instead of WU and besides the conversion fees, does one face problems on an exchange do regular transactions? I suppose the remitter just buys BTC and immediately withdraws it from the exchange -- I do not know if this is still allowed or exchanges do not like frequent transactions like that.