Anyone found a legitimate way to accumulate more Bitcoin passively?


Found some funny little ways.. apps that ask me to shake my phone or spin a wheel, might get one or two satoshis. An 'acorns like investment app' that's for crypto instead.. There's some cashback purchases out there that are pretty good, like 12% back in BTC - not frequently purchased items mostly. And some crypto apps offer staking, but is it for natural/real Bitcoin? And what's the locking period + rewads?

Leveraged trading is difficult for most.. going for funding rates doesn't make sense for smaller accounts either. I doubt 'most' have the basic knowledge, skill, and time (again, small account issues), to sell spot Bitcoin and rebuy more back at lower prices. Auto trading bots can be an option too (I have one that works decently well).

Curious what others have found for passive BTC creation. I think the '% back in BTC' rewards are the best way to go. Maybe even free NFTs and airdrops, then sell to Bitcoin - this requires a learning curve and time for research + participation.

Happy to be here with you all. Cheers.