Any good documentaries, videos, clips, etc. about bitcoin I can put on a flash drive for my friend?

1M Ago
I have a friend that's humored me in the past when I've talked about bitcoin. He's somewhat interested now, but he's not a reader. He's quite smart, but he has problems reading which I won't bore you with. Anyway, I'm giving him a flash drive this weekend with a documentary video he wanted to watch, and I thought "Hey, this might be a good time to slip in a 15 minute documentary on bitcoin," it could be longer, but I know he would at least entertain a short clip. He's a bit of a libertarian type (go figure, right?) and years ago owned gold and sold it. We're always talking about bitcoin, but I think he needs some quick education on it. (No "pump it up" videos, lol!) Thanks for any input and suggestions. I know lots of videos are posted every day (I'm always here) but I'm hoping for something more newb friendly. Any help is appreciated!