Any advice for a 16 year old?

1M Ago
EDIT: forgot to mention 2 things I have some funds in btc And it’s jus been sitting there going up and down and another thing I know that you have to research a lot about Bitcoin and crypto but I’m not sure where I can find info like I watched a lot of YouTube vids they don’t seem to give me the answers if there’s any links about for me to research Let me know💯 What’s good everyone 👌🏽 I just have a question if anyone has any advice they don’t mind giving a 16 year old I know quite a few things about crypto and Bitcoin and stuff but youse probably seen posts like these 100s of times but please I wanna get into crypto and make some money just wanna know where to start off, should I even do crypto like I need some money I’ve got about £1000 so I wanna put it to use thanks guys any advice will help me appreciate it👊🏽