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Announcement: is scamming their users. Proof provided

I'm the CTO of [LocalCoinSwap](, and a software developer by trade. Recently while browsing the Electrum subreddit a user reported suspicious behaviour by the company [](, who asked the user to run a Python exec command inside their Electrum terminal: [\_command\_help\_request/]( I have investigated the situation, and hereby provide a complete breakdown of the malware code, proving that []( is scamming their users: []( Anybody using their services should stop immediately, you have been warned!
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The Hidden Truth Behind Money Laundering, Banks And Cryptocurrency “We live in a complex world, where one country may view an act as a criminal and the other may not. A lot of people have a black and white view, but the world is actually grey,” says CZ, CEO of Binance. @Forbes

Last week, a set of documents known as the FinCEN files were released, detailing how banks move trillions of dollars in suspicious transactions for suspected terrorists, kleptocrats and drug kingpins....
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Why Bitcoin will be bigger than you think

Bitcoin does not compete with gold, just as the Walkman did not compete with high-end speaker systems. Bitcoin competes with non-consumption.