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After last XAPO's communication, it's time to leave them. OPEN LETTER TO XAPO

Dear Xapo's Managment, I am not sure why you decided to go with a development that is continuosly making errors with his code, I don't know why you chose a Network that will spoof their node as CORE nodes and I am not even sure why support a FOrk that has a strange and never tested replay protection. All I know is that you never asked user's opinion. So I am stopping using your services. I know we won't miss each other but my money is more safe with me. WIth Bcash You decided when yo would realease BCH, causing lots of people loosing pportunity to make a lot of money. EDIT, someone wrote that my OP wasn't very clear so i am Adding more explanation. First of all the choice of word is hiding that the fork is S2X producing that bigger Block, only Mr Murrone is afraid of saying that there will be a HARD FORK on which they are supporters. The explanation is literally "At that point some miners may decide to ignore that block and continue mining on a 1MB block max-sized chain and that may create another fork in the Bitcoin Network." It's not up to debate: wether or not S2x will be the majority fork, wether or not Core disappears forever, the fork is generated by the changes BTC1 will try. Then the comunication has a real clear message : "Just like we did with the Bitcoin Cash fork (..)we will make the new coin available for you to easily sell or withdraw " They literally kept MONEY in moments when value was 0,20 Btc and now that value is 3 times less they claim it was a good thing. They explicitly say that you should leave your btc with them and that's for me a signal : someone hinting at you leaving your money with them...usually it's time to take BTC out (Remember ROger Ver saying all was ok with money in MT GOX?) Apart from that , BTC1 is developing with lots of mistakes, few developers, without proper testing outside of any business standard when we talk about this kind of Money in play. It's my opinion this doesn't show in any way Garzik's lack of skills o...
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