After 10 years of telling my dad about Bitcoin he just texted out of the blue today asking how to buy. Wtf


My dad is 70 years old next year, and normie as fuck in most respects. He gets his news from the AOL homepage etc.

He's always lightly mocked Bitcoin. For example, he calls any scam or fake money or monopoly money "Bitcoin". He doesn't know what Ethereum is. He doesn't get that there's a huge "crypto" market, but that Bitcoin is categorically different. So he has a vague notion that "oh crypto that must be the Bitcoin thing my adult sons keep talking about. I see, it's a scam." Keep in mind, it's not like I always talk about it. I rarely do, actually. It's just that I've been interested in it since like 2013, so he's aware that I like Bitcoin.

Anyway he was an accountant for 30 years before retiring, so I decided to give him Nic Bhatia's book "Layered Money" about a year ago. I figured it was a less bombastic and more academic presentation style than The Bitcoin Standard. I think he's making his way through it slowly. But he happened to come visit me last month, and we got to talking about some stuff. I finally asked if he owned any Bitcoin, and he said no. So I told him today's the day and I had him download muun, and I sent him $5.

That was in early December, and now that we've gone on this little run, I think it's demonstrated some of the appeal. NGU technology is a hell of a dopamine hit.

So anyway today he texted out of the blue and said "I want to add to my Bitcoin fraction. How do I do that?" So I directed him to strike. A shocking turn of events.

TLDR, if you want to orange pill people, you can talk their ear off, but there's nothing quite giving a couple thousand sats to someone to actually experience the magic.