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Affiliate program on smart contract. Its bad?

Typical affiliate programs and MLM projects have many disadvantages, such as a high likelihood of being cheated for partners. But in partnership programs based on smart contracts, the situation is different. All operations are handled by the program code in the blockchain. It cannot be changed, which means that the author of MLM will not be able to deceive you by adding additional conditions. Moreover, the author of such a project does not own users' money. Money is distributed between the wallet and partners automatically and instantly. The author of the project, like all users, only receives the agreed deductions. If anyone wants to know more, please contact me in private messages or in the comments. Smart contracts are the future of financial relationships.
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Bitcoin: A new difficulty record for miners

Bitcoin's mining difficulty broke a new high on Sunday, surpassing August's record by 10%. Remember that the difficulty is a parameter that varies so as to maintain an average time of ten minutes bet....
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Wall Street Has Never Been So Close to Bitcoin

What the once-recognized financiers laughed at became a reality in 2020, and soon almost all of them will be forced to reconsider their position on digital gold(bitcoin). In March, Covid dealt severe…
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Fed exploring options on digital currency

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland President Loretta Mester stressed on Wednesday that the central bank is considering offering its own digital currency, though no decisions have been made yet. "...
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Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #116

This week’s newsletter describes a proposed soft fork to enable a new type of fee bumping and summarizes research into scripts that can never be spent because they require satisfying both timelocks an...