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ADVICE FOR NEWCOMERS. Do not do what I did.

Long story short I lost my job due to the pandemic, and my unemployment stopped coming in because they had to check everyones identity for fraud purposes. I had a decent amount of bitcoin but near zero balance in the bank. I was freaking out and unemployment was not responding, this is when Bitcoin started dipping from 42k to 29k. I panicked and sold at 33k because I needed money in the bank and was afraid of a crash. Since then I’ve been waiting to buy back in. Waiting and waiting for a dip that probably won’t come back to $30k. Don’t do what I did, never ever sell. I also sold in 2016 when btc went from $1200 to $700 thinking it would crash. The one thing I know in life is to never bet against Bitcoin. Because you will get fucked. Sorry just had to vent; because it kills me to see the price increasing. Elon’s announcement was on my birthday which really stung. It’s so bittersweet to see btc adoption. Keep holding and accumulating everyone!
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They're getting scared!

Tim Bond, partner and portfolio manager at Odey Asset Management, believes bitcoin could prevent society from functioning in an efficient and ethical manner.