Accumulating Bitcoin is always hard, whether in a Bear Market or a Bull Market. The key is to ignore the market cycles and focus on the fundamentals of Bitcoin.

1M Ago
Accumulating Bitcoin is always hard. In a Bear market, you will say: "*What if this is still going down?*" The price of Bitcoin has already fallen more than 70% from its ATH, but you are afraid to buy more BTC at a discount because you think the price might fall further. This is indeed a possibility, but the fact remains that the current price at 70% of ATH is already a huge opportunity. In a Bull market: "*What if this is the top?*" The price of Bitcoin keeps going up, but you suspect that it will reach a top in the market cycle. So you are afraid to accumulate more. You let months go by without accumulating any when for the next few years, Bitcoin is an accumulation game. The key is to focus on the fundamentals of Bitcoin and ignore market cycles. Because while the price of Bitcoin fluctuates with market cycles, the fundamentals of Bitcoin do not change, and it is clear that the price of Bitcoin will go much higher in the future as more and more people become aware of what Bitcoin is and why it is the future.