A podcast app that pays you in Bitcoin for listening to podcasts (Fountain)

self.Bitcoin6d ago
App is called Fountain and as you listen, you continuously at Satoshis to your wallet. Just found out about it yesterday. But I guess clipping up spots from podcasts and sharing them will reward you even more? Based on how popular it is, of course. I've already listened to about 5 hours worth of podcasts with the app and it's nice. The user interface is slick and relatively simple. It's nicely customizable. I'll make it my new podcasting app. You can [join by going my referral link here](https://fountain.fm/refer/cantwait-9e389e094a) and this will multiply my earnings, so instead of earning 1x Satoshis, I'll earn 2x, then 3x, then 4x, etc. for every person who uses the link. I'm not sure if you also get the multiplied for signing up via the referral link like most platforms do, so there is possibly an incentive to go through my link. If you don't want to do that, you can just go their [main website](https://www.fountain.fm/) here and sign up without a referral. Hope this helps someone!