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A new lightning faucet for the newcomers! Already distributed to 4000+ users.

TLDR: Our new lightning faucet ( is an open and smart faucet that always gives away at least one satoshi ([250 sats]( at the time of this post). No action is required in return. People can donate to it anonymously or get featured. The goal is to introduce new people to the lightning network and grow it to one million users. ---- You might have heard about []( before, we have been tracking merchant adoption of the bitcoin lightning network (LN) since February 2018. About one month ago we launched an LN faucet that pays with LNURL-withdraw (avoiding copy/pasting an invoice). The user experience should be quite friendly: just click a button and get satoshis. The amount that can be claimed has varied between 300 sats and 45 sats and it is the balance between how fast users and the faucet are receiving satoshis. Money goes into the faucet from mainly two sources: part of the revenue from the website and donations to the faucet. When users donate to the faucet they can [choose how fast]( their donation will be distributed and whether they want to be anonymous or not. If the user is not anonymous he will be featured along other donors according to how much he is donating per new faucet claim (sats/claim). Donors can donate multiple times and their donations will be aggregated. There is a third source of money for the faucet, hCaptcha, but this has been negligible so far. You can see usage statistics of the faucet [here]( The data there excludes some behavior flagged as abusive and might be subject to tweaks. We won't go into details on how we prevent abuse, but if you are curious feel free to message us or take a look at our [github repository]( to get an idea. Why did we build a faucet...
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