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A Guide to Thanksgiving Bitcoin Discussions

Please add your own in the comments. What situation did you run into and how do you resolve it gracefully? These are the ones I run into. > "How's that bitcoin thing working out for yah?" Oh man, it's a wild ride! The price discovery process is crazy as usual, but there's all this other interesting stuff happening in the space. The technology just keeps improving every day. Lightning is looking pretty interesting, watchtowers soon, schnorr signatures. > "I saw bitcoin crashed, you doing ok?" I lost it all, everything, wiped out. Had to sell my car... ...just messing with yah! It's definitely a wild ride for sure, but rolling out new technology like this is never a straight line. One thing I do find pretty interesting though is that the price low for the year gets higher, year after year. So while the highs are getting all the headlines and distracting everyone, meanwhile the floor just keeps on rising. > "Hey, weren't you into bitcoin? Is that still a thing?" Don't get me started, I'm more excited about this tech than ever. I don't want to talk your ear off so be careful what you wish for. The economics of it are so interesting. The price climbs this year. The community. The technology. Do you have a few hours? :D
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