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A glimpse into the past

Some newbies might be getting concerned with the recent price action, so I went back to the beginning of bitcoin's trading to get the rally-high to crash-low re-tracements in price to get an average price re-tracement. -May 2011 high of $32, to the Nov 2011 low of $1.99 (crash of 93%) -April 2013 high of $266, to the July 2013 low of $65.42 (crash of 75%) -Nov 2013 high of $1242, to the Jan 2015 low of $152 (crash of 88%) Average price correction of 85%. An 85% correction from $19,000 would take BTC to $2,850.
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Exciting times

More goodies coming from nodl/lightning-solutions soon...— nodl (@nodl_it) November 18, 2018
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Bitcoin Offline Transactions Are Now Possible

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