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6 years ago I gave $1 tip (in bitcoin) to more than 1000 reddit users

My username says it all really, from november 2014 to january 2015 I manually sent $1 worth of Bitcoin to more than 1000 random reddit users (using /r/changetip bot, sadly no longer operational). Back then a Bitcoin cost about $300 so I guess I should now change my username to Random170DollarTip ... Spent about 2 Bitcoin on this little operation, don't regret a thing! Original post from 6 years ago: EDIT: Added a few comments I got after tipping people. "Thank you for introducing me to BitCoin." "do people even care about cryptocurrency anymore?" "And why??" "Cool, thanks! What is it?" "Keep your fucking spam in /r/shitcoin, a**hole." "That's cool! thanks!" "Man, the bitcoin guys are getting desperate." "thanks!" EDIT 2: WOW, thank you all for your kind words, I am truly humbled! A quote comes to mind that seems fitting: "Give and you shall receive, much more than you ever thought possible. Give and give again. Keep hoping, keep trying, keep giving! People who give will never be poor!” - Anne Frank And way to go /u/displaybeats, looking forward to reading your story a few years from now. :-)
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