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3 years anniversary of monthy stacking, target 1 mil net worth

Its been 3 years now since my first Bitcoin purchase. Ever since ive bought every month. Constant stacking with smallish amounts might feel useless at the time of purchase but already after few months you’ll start to appreciate the stack youve managed to build. Let alone 3 years. I encourage everybody who thinks they are late to just start! It doesnt matter if the amount is small, what matters is that you continue to do it every month, and never stop. I initially set a target to myself that I ll stack until Im a fiat net worth millionaire. This is the current goal post yes, but only for declaring some sort of personal victory. In reality, I ll never stop stacking, never going back to fiat, never giving up my Bitcoin. Its been a blast the last 3 years, looking forward to the next three!
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