24 yr old male with Spinocerebular ataxia (and bitcoin maximalist)


Title says it all. I have my report from my neurologist and it is now 100% sure I have inherited SCA1 from my mother.

The symptoms will kick in mostly during the 4th or 5th (best case) decade of life.

At around 2-4 years after the first signs of symptoms (motoric and verbal inhibitions) it is quite normal to be stuck in a wheelchair permanently while loosing motorical functions as time goes on.

The research around a therapy of spinocerebular ataxias wich are neurodegenerative diseases, are still in play and there is no healing as of right now.

NOW: Bitcoin helps me keep being optimistic. In 10-20 years I hope I can use my stack to push the research and find a lab that studies for a promising therapy plus put it into research foundations for ataxia and so on.

There is good research done today but it could be better.

I think the majority of corporations especially pharma and such will stay in a stinky fiat-oriented system, but I think Bitcoin is likely gonna invade fiat-pharma corporations wich results a push for further innovation.

And if not: hell, my life is shorter but at least I got my bitcoins to spend it and give them to my kids maybe.