2 BTC for 20% of my company's shares.


Hello everybody,

I set up a company in the purchase/resale of vintage furniture after having done 2 years in this activity.

One of my clients offers me to invest in my company and to acquire 20% of the shares of it against 2 BTC (I have not yet negotiated anything so I am writing hot here).

I made 45k in turnover the first year and I’m now at 100k in 9 months (so there are 3 months left in this second year).

I have just invested in a warehouse, I am looking to recruit a project manager also freelance for 1 year to help me.

I know that my client can help me to open doors for me in China and in the US to develop the company. However 2 BTC would be kept warm and I don't see myself converting them to buy furniture or recruit staff. I need money (fiat) to start phase 2 of this project.

I’m open to the discussion, what do you think of this deal? Is there any businessman who would have perspective or advice to give me?

Thank you in advance to those who will read and who will help me on this.