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1hash pool has mined 2 invalid blocks

piotr_n Not sure if it is on any interest for anyone here, but I remember once, when a BU node mined an invalid block, people were shitting themselves all over the internet.Well, not sure that kind of software 1hash pool uses, but they have just mined their second invalid block.It's easy to find them these days, because nodes relay them before fully verifying.The first invalid block they mined was #474294, with hash 00000000000000000182acdf5657c93a0769dc6f9004047496b2e15efc6a4232The second one, just a few hours ago #477115, with hash 0000000000000000013ee4a86822d37a061732e04ee5f41fb77168f193363d1bYou can download both of them from here: haven't checked yet why exactly they are invalid, but I think the order of the transactions inside the block is screwed up.They use an input from a tx that is only created later in the block.I'm thinking they must be using come customised mining software which (sometimes) assembles the block incorrectly.So I thought I'd let them know, before they mine the third broken block, still without anyone noticing Check out gocoin - my original project of full bitcoin node & cold wallet written in Go.PGP fingerprint: AB9E A551 E262 A87A 13BB  9059 1BE7 B545 CDF3 FD0E 1522374560 Hero Member OfflinePosts: 1522374560Ignore 1522374560 1522374560 Hero Member OfflinePosts: 1522374560Ignore ...
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