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14.5 BTC was stolen from me via last night (any advice?)

Last night I made the mistake of using the website (while offline) to generate a wallet. I sent 0.1 then 14.5 BTC to it, and then 1 min later 14.51 was sent out to another paper wallet here is the wallet I created and you can see the transactions []( any advice on what I can do. I've accepted the loss and the lesson (should have used the offline generator) but want to make sure this doesn't happen to others 4.5 BTC REWARD FOR WHOEVER HELPS ME EDIT: here is what I did ​ 1. swept my old paper wallet to blockchain .com wallet (17.5 BTC)([]( 2. generated new wallet on bitcoinpaperwallet ([1BxPiuddFh7vz83BCFM9ZKUV75jUJyvJUv]( 1. I went "offline" while generating the wallet (i know...) 3. sent 0.1 test transaction to both this new wallet and 0.1 to an exchange 4. sent 14.5 to ([1BxPiuddFh7vz83BCFM9ZKUV75jUJyvJUv]( and 3 to the exchange 5. 1min later 14.51 was sent out of that wallet to an unknown paper wallet (15QzYwny3AgBNAxHBHnSmf5LTot7RbQnRb) ​ ​ ps. i made this bitcoin video years back ([]( ​
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